Dip of Procurement and Contracting – Procurement Stream – Final Activity 3 – Procurement Plan

Using the information provided in the PDF Icon ProcurementStreamD Cwealth FinalActivity Scenario, you are to develop a first draft procurement plan using the ProcurementStreamD-Cwealth-FinalActivity-Procurement-Plan template. If your agency has a procurement plan template you are free to use it but your plan must, as a minimum, address the following issues:

  • The outcomes to be achieved and links to strategic objectives
  • Identification of the critical success factors for this procurement
  • Governance arrangements
  • Probity principles
  • Market research and analysis
  • Proposed procurement method and justification
  • Funding arrangements
  • Use of expert advisers and composition of tender evaluation team
  • Procurement timeframes
  • Identification of a minimum of five key risks –  risks must be graded and those that require treatment identified and mitigation strategies applied
  • An overall strategy for risk management including how risk controls and treatments will be implemented and how risks will be reviewed and management throughout the procurement process.
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