Dip in Procurement and Contracting Local Government – Contract Stream – Activity 9 – Contract Variations – Scenario 2 – LGP

You issued an RFT in November last year for the design, development and piloting of a five day training course according to the tight time frame provided to you by the internal stakeholder, which stated unambiguously that the design and development had to be completed by no later than 31 March, that pilot delivery must occur during the week of 22-26 April and that final versions of the material must be submitted by 30 April.

During the tender, one of the most experienced potential providers of these services pointed out to you that the pilot delivery week included a public holiday (ANZAC Day) and was also in the school holidays.  These factors would make it difficult for this provider to meet the advertised timeframe.  They also suggested that your own staff would not be too keen to attend training on ANZAC Day.  The provider also commented that it is not your organisation’s usual practice to schedule any training at all during school holiday periods as many of the key staff take holidays at this time.  You validated the requirement with the commissioning stakeholder who advised you that for operational reasons, this time frame was not flexible

As a result, the tenderer who raised the issue withdrew from the process as they could not meet the timeframe and the contract was awarded to another company in mid-December.  At the end of February, the stakeholder contacted you and asked you to raise a contract variation to reschedule the pilot delivery until early June.

What are the issues associated with this request and what would your advice be on this matter if the request for the change to the pilot dates was caused by:

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