Dip in Procurement and Contracting Local Government – Contract Stream – Activity 9 – Contract Variations – Scenario 1 – LGP

You issued an RFQ for the purchase of 100 laptops.  You selected a contractor who quoted a price of $2999 each.  The full 100 laptops have been satisfactorily delivered about 6 weeks ago.  As a result of the oversight of a small work area within your department, you now find that you have a requirement for an additional 10 laptops.  You have contacted the supplier who is willing to provide the additional laptops at the same price of $2999 each.  Your delegate has asked for advice on the best way to proceed with this additional requirement.  She really does not want to run a whole new procurement process if she doesn’t have to.

How would your advice be different and what factors would you consider relevant to the situation if:

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