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Issues with Trees
Council has, in accordance with its environmental and heritage policies, put in place policies and by laws to restrict the pruning and removal of trees within the local municipality.  Whilst the policy has been successful, an unforeseen result is that numerous complaints are being received by Council about dangerous trees that residents either want pruned or removed.

Council has decided to provide services to ratepayers, at no cost to the ratepayer, to prune or remove trees, whether on council or private property.  For trees to be pruned or removed they must first be assessed and the appropriate actions preapproved by the appropriate council staff. When approval is granted council will arrange for the work to be carried out.  Council will also assess trees on public property on a regular basis and assess if any action is required.

Council does not have the skills or equipment in house to undertake the task of pruning or removal of trees so has decided to outsource the service.

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