Cert IV in Procurement and Contracting – Procurement Stream – Final Activity 6 – Tender Evaluation

Using the below responses received for the Learning Program to Provide Skills in Managing Grants Contracts RFT. You are to evaluate these responses and determine a recommendation for the delegate.

PDF Icon ProcurementStreamC-Cwealth-FinalActivity-HandoutActivity6a

PDF Icon ProcurementStreamC-Cwealth-FinalActivity-HandoutActivity6b

PDF Icon ProcurementStreamC-Cwealth-FinalActivity-HandoutActivity6c

The published RFT indicated that the Department would set priorities and weight the assessment criteria prior to receiving tender responses.  Before you begin reviewing the criteria you need to apply weightings to the evaluation criteria in the table in the  CertIV-Procurement-Stream-C- Evaluating-Offers

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